PAT Testing

What is Portable Appliance Testing…

Portable Appliance Testing is a series of tests to ensure the safety of all who use these appliances. It is a series of in-service tests that repeat the manufacturers’ safety tests.

These tests are conducted on-site using a microprocessor controlled test instrument and the results downloaded to a computer and stored, after which a detailed report is issued to the customer.


How it’s done…

Excel Electrical will come to your premises, test your equipment with minimal disruption to your business and issue you with a detailed report on the performance of your equipment. This report is downloaded from the test instrument. If any of your equipment is found to be unsafe, we can make a repair on the spot, to correct minor defects, in order to avoid decommissioning important equipment.

All equipment tested will be labeled with a unique identifying number, to cross-reference with the test report. We will store your data for 5 years, or we can supply you with a database, containing your test results in electronic format.

The testing procedure for each appliance is as follows:

  1. Identify the class of appliance. Select the test routine to be carried out on the appliance. Proceed through the tests until appliance has passed or failed.
  2. Print label for item. On each label there is a unique asset ID number, next test date and a Pass/Fail indication.
  3. The label is stuck to the appliance as a quick and obvious sign that the item has been tested. Labels easily attach around cables. Labels serve as a reminder of when the retest is due.